Armenia Digital Awards 2024


ECDMA Armenia






Mar 1st - Sep 15th 2024


Free/AMD 50000

Armenia Digital Awards 2024

The Award Armenia Digital  Awards 2024 celebrate trailblazers crafting exceptional digital experiences across Armenia. This inaugural platform spotlights excellence in web development, mobile innovation, and strategic digital marketing, recognizing exceptional projects, teams, and individuals who elevate our nation’s digital landscape.

Our Mission
Showcase Hidden Talent: We shine a light on the remarkable work happening across Armenia’s digital sector, offering deserving teams and individuals the recognition they’ve earned.
Foster Community: We believe in creating a collaborative, supportive environment for professionals and enthusiasts at all levels. The Awards are a space to connect, learn, and celebrate together.
Accelerate Digital Progress: By championing best practices and inspiring innovation, we aim to bolster Armenia’s overall digital transformation and position our country as a regional leader.

Why Participate?
Industry-Wide Recognition: Validate your talent and position yourself as a leader within the Armenian digital sphere.
Expanded Networks: Forge valuable connections with like-minded peers, potential clients, and influential industry figures.
New Opportunities: Winning or being shortlisted can propel your projects and career, opening doors to collaboration and growth.
Brought to you by: The Award Armenia Digital  Awards 2024 are an initiative of the e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Association, supported by the Make IT Real by Realweb Community.